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We are Zentral Optika and is our online project that aims to take care of your eyes because all our products comply with all the quality and UV protection certificates, both from the EU and the American FDA. It could not be otherwise, we are opticians-optometrists and we are obliged to do so. We hope that you will take a look around the website and find them lenses, temples or spare parts for your damaged or broken sunglasses or glasses. The online shopping process is easy, fast and reliable. And if you can't find it, contact us without any problem.

Replacement lenses and temples for sunglasses as well as eyeglasses of the best brands.

If you want to repair your favourite pair of sunglasses, if you’ve either lost or broken your lenses, why not replace them with genuine sunglasses and eyeglasses replacement lenses or temples? A wide range of models, colours and sizes. Please email us for availability.